Project Engineer (with experience in pharmaceutical project management in foreign-funded pharmaceutical factories)

2023/06/06 上海 1 8K-15K

Position Information

  1. Participate in the production and writing of project validation documents;

  2. Participate in on-site project execution work;

  3. Participate in project document organization work;

  4. Responsible for on-site project management and coordination work;

  5. Participate in project installation and debugging guidance work;

  6. Participate in project design or bidding clarification work;

  7. Priority will be given to those with the title of second level construction engineer or engineer.

Job Requirements

  1. Major in engineering, college degree or above;

  2. At least two years of working experience in a foreign-funded enterprise,

  3. Experience in on-site management or implementation of Pharmaceutical engineering projects of foreign-funded pharmaceutical factories;

  4. Familiar with the design and construction of sanitary pipelines;

  5. Suitable for long-term business trips and on-site work.

Plant Manager

2023/06/06 浙江省湖州市南浔区 1 8千-1.5万

Position Information

  1. Age 35-45 years old, majoring in engineering;

  2. At least five years of experience in factory administration, warehousing, and management;

  3. Strong communication and coordination skills, maintain good communication with various departments of the company, actively coordinate and promote the smooth progress of production;

  4. Coordinate and handle the daily management work of the factory, and actively promote the improvement of factory safety, warehousing and logistics, administrative personnel, customer visit and reception work;

  5. Experience in large-scale Pharmaceutical engineering project management or implementation of new factory standardization is preferred;

  6. Able to travel for a long time or willing to work and develop in Nanxun District for a long time.


  1. Technical secondary school or above education

  2. Proficient in operating commonly used office software such as Microsoft Office;

  3. Be rigorous and meticulous in work, have a sense of responsibility, and have good communication and coordination skills;

  4. Strong learning ability, proactive work attitude, team spirit and professional ethics;

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