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Winatech Process Engineering (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd dedicates to provide high-end modular process equipment that comply with international cGMP requirements for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. Founded by professionals from well-known multinational equipment companies, Winatech mainly serve for multinational pharmaceutical and local export-oriented pharmaceutical enterprises. The core team own rich experience in Forture 500 Company. After over ten years ’healthy development, Winatech focus on biopharmaceutical industry, and cover the core process of pharmaceutical companies listed in worlds’ top 500 enterprise. Our core business is inclusive of the design,construction and qualification of modular upstream/downstream process system(Formulation, CIP, SIP, Automation) and clean utilities system(PW,WFI,PS and Clean Gas). Headquarter in Shanghai Hongqiao, Winatech own a manufacturing center in Nanxun and a branch in Shijiazhuang.

Different from the blind expansion of most domestic enterprises in traditional industries, Winatech tend to build a real international platform in recent years and have established a strategic agreement with Pierre Guerin, a world’s leading bioreactor/fermentation company in France. At the same time, Winatech has shifted its core business into the emerging macromolecule biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical internationalization, which is the development trend of pharmaceutical industry in the world. At present, the company is responsible for the super formulation project of China's leading biological CDMO base, with a value of more than 100 million yuan. At the same time, Winatech finished the project of one world’s leading pharmaceutical enterprise’s first biological production line in China, and the advanced diagnostic project of another world's leading pharmaceutical enterprise in China, which enjoys high reputation in the industry. Winatech has become the real benchmark of the local industry!

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Winatech will foster a craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best, with the heart of encourage and innovation as always. We stand ready to provide best system and service for our clients.